The Accidental Salesman® is a specialist business development consultancy. We help trusted advisers get more clients and increase sales to existing clients. We support professional service firms of all sizes and are experts in winning business where trusted relationships really matter. On this site you will find over 300 articles, videos, recordings, and e-books, all designed to help you win more business.

Founder, Richard White, is a self-confessed Accidental Salesman. He has been passionate about service- based business from a very young age and, like most trusted advisers, he fell into a business development role by accident as part of developing his career as a consultant.

His passion for business drove him to complete a full-time MBA at Cranfield School of Management at the age of 26. Cranfield is one of the top business schools in Europe and an acclaimed centre for entrepreneurial excellence. He was one of the youngest people in his class and it was there he developed his strategic thinking, and the ability to rapidly understand the fundamentals of any market.

After completing his MBA, he switched careers into IT consulting and quickly got involved in business development. He grew a consulting practice from scratch to sales of well over a million pounds in just 3 years with clients including the likes of Unilever, British Airways, and First Choice. He puts this success down to taking a strategic approach to sales and marketing.

Since 2002 he has helped thousands of trusted advisers to win more business by helping them to get more strategic with their sales and marketing.