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A small difference can make a big difference

When I was walking in the mountains of Peru last year it was amazing that despite walking at a very slow pace we seemed to cover a lot of ground within the space of a day. We live in an instant gratification society. We are so used to getting things straight away that we expect everything to be instant. The same is true with progress in sales. Taking small consistent [...]

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How to use Twitter to find clients

When I first started using Twitter, like many, I did not know what I was doing. My networking mentor Thomas Power told me I should be using Twitter and so I gave it a go! I then did the normal search to find out how to get more followers and found there were plenty of people happy to give advice. There were more Twitter ‘experts’ than you can shake a [...]

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Talent is not enough!

Anyone following me on Twitter is probably used to my Saturday night tweets whilst the X Factor is on TV. If you have been watching it recently or read the news you will have seen that the twins that call themselves ‘Jedward’ are still in the competition and there are some very talented acts that are getting a bit worried. The simple fact is that more people are voting for [...]

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You don’t have to like it – you just have to do it!

I have a weekly chore that I am not particularly fond of. It involves venturing into my attic and checking the mouse traps and removing any expired rodents. It’s a job I do because I have to and not because I want to. If I make excuses and miss performing my duties, an unpleasant smell is sure to start wafting down from the attic. As I went about my grizzly [...]

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Free can be very expensive

In these days of economic down turn and credit crunch it can be very tempting to padlock the wallet and just feast on all the freebies around. There is, however, a big cost associated with this behaviour. Not a direct cost that can be easily measured. Its an opportunity cost and even though it may be hidden it is still real none the less. There is no shortage of free [...]

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How to boost your selling skills without sales training

It is possible to significantly improve your selling skills in a relatively short space of time without any more sales training and long as you are prepared to take charge of your own learning. Following these simple steps, you can become your own sales coach: Prioritise Which selling skills, specifically, do you want to develop? There are many areas of sales and in order to develop them you need to [...]

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The magic wardrobe

I recently met a very confident woman who confided in me she was sometimes quite nervous in sales situations and yet it never showed. I asked her how she managed to maintain her outer confidence. Her answer was what she called her ‘magic wardrobe’. In her magic wardrobe she has a number of outfits that she puts on that give her special capabilities. She has an imaginary golden outfit that [...]

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Look after your golden geese

Here is one of my favourite stories. The philosophy behind it has helped me immensely in building up key accounts: A man and his wife owned a very special goose. Every day this goose laid a golden egg, which provided a very comfortable income. Some days it laid more than one egg. On occassions it laid no eggs at all. The couple, however, had lived very comfortably from the golden [...]

  • art190

How to develop a killer elevator pitch that gets you more sales

One of the areas people struggle with when networking is how best to answer the inevitable question "what do you do?" Most business networking meetings involve members introducing themselves to the rest of the people in the room by way of an "elevator pitch". This mini-course will show you the common mistakes people make with their elevaotor pitch and how you can easily create a pitch that articulates clearly what [...]

  • art96

Questioning skills for sales

I was at a networking breakfast yesterday having a conversation with a guy about questioning skills. He had been taught that open questions were good and closed questions were bad. As a consequence he was using open questions to try and close the sale. Understandably he was struggling to get a decision from prospects! The meeting was in a golf club and as he was a keen golfer, so I [...]