Soft selling does not mean giving in to price objections – far from it! Handling price objections is an area of sales that many accidental sales people struggle with. What do you say when people question your prices?

Here are 3 soft selling strategies which make it a loss less scary.


In Soft Selling we aim to produce a proposal that is a ‘no brainer’. If we know that price is going to be an issue then we need to work on our scripting earlier in the sales process and make sure we build the value before presenting the price.


In Soft Selling we talk about meeting people in their world and taking them by the hand into our world. We do this by empathising with them in relation to their price objection and show them you know how they feel. Then you give them an alternative perspective. The classic vehicle for this is a technique called “FEEL, FELT, FOUND”


“I know how you feel, a lot of our clients felt we were a bit expensive at first, but when they understood the costs of the extras we include as standard they found that we actually give the best deal on the market”

In this example we meet their price objection with empathy and softly focus their attention on all the extras they are getting.


This strategy assumes that when people give you an objection it may not be the real objection and chances are there is an underlying price objection. For example, they may be embarrassed to tell you they cannot afford to come to your seminar so they give you an objection like “I have an important meeting I need to attend that day”

With the Onion technique you just keep saying words to the effect “Apart from that, is there any other reason why you would not want to go ahead?” until they say “No”

When they have said “No” then you have all the objections and most likely the real objection is the last one.


Prospect: “I would love to attend your seminar but I have an important meeting that day”

You: “That’s not a problem but can I ask, apart from that, is there any other reason for not attending?”

Prospect: “Well, cash flow is a bit tight at the moment”

You: “I can understand that – It’s very common these days. So apart from that is there any other reason?”

Prospect: “No”

You: Brilliant, well we actually run these seminars every month and we have payment options. Would you like details?”

Prospect: Oh yes please – actually I could possibly reschedule my meeting.