When a business is brand new then there is an obvious need to win new clients. As the business becomes more established then the sales focus should change to be a combination of finding new clients and selling more to existing clients. The easiest sale to make is to existing clients and yet this is an area that small businesses often neglect.

Fast growth in sales can often be achieved by following some simple steps with your client accounts. Following these steps will transform your account management into a source of rapid sales growth.

Step 1 – Prioritise your accounts
Step 2 – Hold formal account planning sessions for your priority accounts
Step 3 – Develop propositions for known problems in each account
Step 4 – Commence regular account review sessions with priority accounts
Step 5 – Work on developing and extending relationships in priority accounts

In the next 5 articles I will expand on each of these steps to help you ensure that you can start getting some quick sales wins and uncover the true sales potential of your business.