I spoke at a Speed Networking event last week on 5 Strategies for developing more leads and introductions from networking (face to face that is). These are the strategies we learn to apply on my Lead generation Master Class so that by the end of the day all attendees are starting to generate leads on the workshop! The strategies are simple but the challenge is applying them to your organisation such that they start working immediately.

These are the 5 Stategies:
1. Relationships first, Business Second
2. Network for introducers, not customers
3. Specialise
4. Use stories to spark connections
5. Increase activity

Its a paradox that I learnt in my early days of selling (when I was rubbish at it!!!) from people getting results – the more you SELL the less you sell. If you look for introducers then you will pick up more customers AND you will pick up introducers too!

Another paradox is the more you specialise the more leads and introductions you will generate. You need to distinguish between primary sale and follow-on sales. The primary sale is the one that attracts people to you. The one that is different and has a high ROI for your ideal customers. If selling expertise, the key combination to get is EXPERTISE, PASSION, and CREDIBILITY