I have been preparing for a chamber of commerce talk I am giving in a couple of days time on ways to significantly grow sales without sales training. One of the areas is in relation to existing customers. I see so many smaller businesses that are struggling to generate enough new leads when they have masses of untapped opportunity with existing customers. For example:

I had a web designer client who was struggling to find new leads. I asked her about when she last contacted her previous clients and it turned out she had not contacted any of them since finishing the work with them. She telephoned five of them the next day just to say hello and see how they were getting on with their website. Three of them told her of some projects they had coming up. Two had since used other web designers. Not because they were not happy with her work but they assumed she must be too busy as she had not been in touch.

It takes time to develop a trusted relationship with a client and once they know, like, and trust you then you stand a better chance that they will want to buy from you again. But do not expect your customers to do all the work.. Unless you keep in touch with them they are probably going to forget you pretty quickly.

By all means continue to seek new clients but remember to make the most of your existing clients too. A happy client in the hand is worth many clients in the bush!