I am delighted to announce my new book ‘The Sales Coach’ which is designed to help you not only boost sales but also your confidence in selling. I wrote this sales coaching book for people who understand the basics of consultative selling but want to take their sales results to the next level. In fact, I wanted a book that was able to help people go from intermediate level to an advanced level in terms of their consultative selling skills.

It’s a consultative selling workbook made up of 80% exercises and 20% content. The aim is not to teach you what you already know. Instead it’s to fill in the gaps and help you make your sales teachnique even more effective.

Sometimes it is hard for us to know what we could be doing better without someone giving us feedback. Yet unless we change what we are doing then we are unlikely to boost sales on a consistent basis. That is why I begin The Sales Coach with a diagnostic test so that you can determine which of the following three areas to start with:

Sales lead generation
Closing the sales
Increasing sales performance

Instead of starting the book at the beginning and reading through to the end, you start at the beginning of a particular section and work your way through. Each section has 5 or 6 chapters and at the beginning of each chapter there is a more detailed diagnostic test relating to the subject area of the chapter. You should do the exercises in the chapter and ideally not move on until you score top marks. However, if you do the test and find you get top marks anyway then you do not need to do the chapter and should move on.

To get the maximum boost in our sales from the workbook, we do need to be honest with ourselves when doing the diagnostic tests. If you are passing all the tests with flying colours before doing any exercises then I suggest that you go through the exercises anyway. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and the exercises will help us to expand our awareness of what good looks like.

You can find out more about The Sales Coach book and download a free sample at TheSalesCoachBook.co.uk