When I was walking in the mountains of Peru last year it was amazing that despite walking at a very slow pace we seemed to cover a lot of ground within the space of a day. We live in an instant gratification society. We are so used to getting things straight away that we expect everything to be instant. The same is true with progress in sales. Taking small consistent steps can actually take you much further than irregular bursts of activity.

Lets say a new approach to sales is going to take us three months to make habitual and in that time our sales will likely increase by 20%. We do not take the option because 3 months is too long. You need to see results now, right?

So you carry on what you are currently doing and in 3 months time nothing has changed, apart from your bank balance!

All the best sales people I have ever come across are continually looking to change a small aspect of their approach and testing its affect. If it works well they keep on doing it. If it does not work well they change back and try something else. That is why they are always looking for new ideas on sales and things related to sales such as people skills, communication skills, influencing etc Just one small idea from a book, or a blog, or a seminar is all they are looking for. That one small idea can translate to a huge increase in their income.

Big changes, on the other hand, can be very uncomfortable and actually reduce your performance in the short term whilst you adjust and adapt. That is why training courses often fail to change behaviour. There is too much to change all at once. Small steps over time can take you much further.

What small change can you make today to help you move your sales progress in the right direction?