Everything comes with a price tag. The best things in life may be for free but even they come with a price attached. Although money may not be involved, there is still a price. For example, you may need to give something up or do something that you are reluctant to do.

I have not yet come across a successful business where the owner has been resistant to sales. You do not have to enjoy sales but one way or another every business needs a sales pipeline. The more we resist sales, the more prospects will respect our wishes and stay away!

Significant progress in sales starts with a decision to become a student. That is the price. It is non-negotiable.

I made the decision many years ago to pay the price. The journey was not easy and yet I now look back on the journey with fondness. I only remember only the successes and forget the many failures that were so disappointing at the time. Its like any quality purchase. You still remember the quality long after the price has been forgotten.

I am glad I chose to pay the price and I will continue to pay the price to develop my craft.

There is a saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. For me the teachers were people like Brian Tracy, Stephan Schiffman, Tony Alessandra, Dale Carnegie etc etc I used to, and still do, read their books and listen to their audio programmes. They were inexpensive to buy but took time. The time was the price.

The sooner you pay the price the sooner you will start to enjoy the rewards. I hope that you choose today to pay the price for sales success in your business!