I was having a cup of coffee yesterday with Mike McNulty of the Performance Business. Michael specializes in helping people perform their roles in life with confidence and impact. Michael will shortly be giving a free tele-seminar for the Accidental Salesman Club on increasing your personal impact and as we drank our coffee Michael was telling me about his workshops.

He mentioned someone who came to one of his workshops who was just like a wall flower. She was very timid and petrified of drawing attention to herself and yet a certain exercise transformed her into a fearless and charismatic presenter that held her audience’s attention and gained their praise.

The exercise required each person to identify a hero and for this lady it was Joan of Arc. She admired Joan’s courage and her leadership abilities. Qualities this lady obviously did not possess…….or did she?

They did an exercise in the workshop where everyone had to assume their character and start to imagine what it would be like to be this person. How would they feel? How would they think? How would Joan of Arc approach giving a presentation in front of 10 people?

This young lady took the exercise to heart and the transformation was remarkable. I could tell how proud Michael was of her as he relayed the story to me. This shy and timid young lady gave an inspiring presentation without notes and when she had finished her presentation she got a standing ovation! This was the same person who at the beginning of the day did not have the confidence to introduce herself to the group without shaking. Yet as Joan of Arc she was able to inspire the whole room.

It is interesting how we think we know who we are and yet there are various roles we play which draw on different parts of our natural talent. At the end of the day this lady returned to the same role as she did when she entered the room. The shy and retiring role but she left knowing that somewhere inside there was another part of her that shared the qualities she admired of Joan of Arc just waiting to be drawn upon. Who knows, with a little more work it could become her most dominant role.

So what? What has this got to do with selling?!!!

It has everything to do with selling and how you sell yourself. What roles and qualities do you have lurking that are just waiting to be unleashed? Is there a part of you that is confident and fearless in sales situations? Do you have the negotiating or PR qualities of Richard Branson? Who do you admire in business and what would happen if you started to emulate their behaviour when in sales situations?

The power of role models can really help to develop our performance. Ask yourself ‘How would xxxxx approach this?’ or ‘If I were xxxxx, how would I handle this situation?’ Just fill in the blanks. It does not need to be a well known figure, just someone with the skills and qualities you admire. You may not think you have the qualities but if you act as if you do then you will surprise yourself. When you begin to think like your hero and act like your hero then you will start to get the results that your hero would get.

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