Sales is a fantastic vehicle for personal development. It involves confronting your fears, stretching your comfort zone, and expanding your thinking. It takes courage to do things you find uncomfortable. Learning to sell requires courage!

Courage is also known as bravery. It is the ability to face fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. It is called ‘physical courage’ while facing physical challenges such as pain and hardship and ‘moral courage’ while enduring shame and discouragement.

Some aspects of sales can be scary, especially if you like to be liked by everyone. So what can be done to increase bravery?

Face your fears – Fears disappear the minute you confront them. Taking action is normally a lot less painful than the contemplation of action! So do the activity you fear the most!

Desensitize yourself to your fears – The more you do what you fear, the more you desensitize yourself against the fear. You have expanded your comfort zone.

Facing your fears will take some work and discomfort but it will help to accelerate your sales.

The next time we feel some fear when selling, we just need to remind ourselves to be brave. Fear is good, fear means we are growing, facing our fears will put more money in the bank both for us and our clients!