If you run a service-based business and are looking for ways to boost your sales, then the packaging of your services should definitely be on your to-do list.

By packaging, I mean creating a service-based product which has a name, a specific price, and a list of what you get when you buy the package. A package so well defined you could imagine it sitting on a shelf at your local Tescos!

The classic way of packaging is to create 3 service levels; Gold, Silver, and Bronze but you can get much more creative than that. One of my favourite examples was done by a design agency called Rubber Cheese who named their packages after different types of cheese!

Here are 5 ways in which the packaging of your services can help to boost your sales:
Packaging helps you generate more leads

The big lead generation problem for services is that services are intangible. Prospects want to know what they are buying, what they are going to get, and how much it is going to cost them. Knowing that in advance gives them more confidence to make an enquiry (aka a sales lead). Ideally you should be creating packages that solve specific problems rather than just packaging up units of time.
Packaging makes it easier to close the sale

Closing the sale becomes easier because your prospects can see how your recommended package will solve their problem. In addition, having a choice of packages at different price points will reduce price objections because it makes it easier to demonstrate value. For prospects where your packages are not a good fit, you can always tailor a package to meet their specific requirements.
Packaging makes it easier to create a USP

Getting creative about what you put into your packages makes it easier to reduce competition by creating a meaningful USP for your business. Indeed, in some service sectors, like law, where packaging is relatively unheard of, the very fact you provide packaged services with fixed prices could be enough of a USP to give your business a significant competitive advantage.
Packaging can help you charge higher prices

Packaging different service levels can help you charge higher prices for your services. For example, I worked with a tax accountant who was charging a very low fee for doing people’s tax. The trouble was that clients expected him to travel to see them and all that travelling was wasting huge amounts of time and money. His Gold package included him travelling to clients and was priced significantly higher than the Silver and Bronze packages which required the client to come to his office. Unsurprisingly enough, most people were happy to travel to him after that!
Packaged services are easier for other people to sell

If you hate selling and would prefer to hire someone to do that for you or even get a commission-only sales person then packaging is vital. Regular sales people are not that great at selling services. However, once you turn your services into products, everything changes.
Next steps?

The Business Development Academy is a structured sales and marketing programme that, amongst other things, will help you understand your target audience, decide what packages to create for them, how much to charge for them, and how to market them. Click here for a guided tour and a free mini-course.