The other day I was asked a question which I know is a common issue so I thought I would share my response. The question was to do with broaching the subject of additional services where you could see a client had a need for them.

My advice was not to bother broaching the subject about the services at all. Instead they should broach the subject of the underlying problem that meant that the services would be a good idea. This is a fundamental principle of consultative selling. You are acting as an adviser rather than trying to push services onto the client.

Having a adult conversation with the client about their problem and helping them to think through the implications and their needs in a consultative way would naturally lead to recommendations about buying additional services. The client would not feel like they are being sold to. Most likely they will feel grateful for your helping them solve a problem.

The great thing is that if you take this approach to account management and account development then the client will increasingly come to you for advice. You will be on the journey towards the coverted status of truster adviser.