You are in an unfamiliar part of town. It’s cold, dark and the street lighting is next to useless. You know where you want to get to but you are finding it very difficult to find the right way forward……….

That’s often what it’s like selling to a larger company where it’s difficult to find out who is involved in making the decision and how best to influence them. The chances are that if it’s a larger sale then there are going to be different people involved in the decision making process – but who are they and what is their role? It sometimes feels like one is fumbling in the dark.

A simple but effective approach that top sales people use is to find people within the organisation who are not necessarily directly involved in the decision making process but can help shine a light on the situation. For example, who you need to speak to, who your competition are, buying motivations etc

PAs and introductions from friends are ideal for this until you have started working within the account. That is why it pays to treat PAs with respect.

Once you have enough light to see where you are going the journey is much easier – that goes for sales too!