I have just finished a coaching call with a sales manager who had implemented a simple technique I had learnt from a top door-to-door salesman. The sales manager used the technique to increase the number of cold calls made by a couple of his team members. He said that by using this technique they doubled the number of calls made and both people felt great in the process. Previously they had found cold calling a bit of a chore to put it mildly!

With this approach they decide how many dials they needed to make and write it down on a piece of paper – for example 60. After each dial they cross out the number and reduced the amount by one. For 60 would become 59, then 58, then 57 and so on. The individual keeps going until they have reduced the number to zero.

Whereas before 60 always seemed like a huge mountain to climb until they got three quarters of the way through, now the mountain got getting smaller and smaller with each dial!

How could you use this idea with your sales approach?