Do you have clarity of your business proposition? Do your prospects understand clearly what you can do for them and why it is important they talk to you? This is one of the most fundamental challenges accidental sales people have, in my experience. This is more important than selling skill.

Achieving clarity is like having a blindfold removed. Suddenly everything is clear and the way forward is obvious. It can also be compared to a combination lock. You have 5 numbers on the lock and you have four correct. Getting the 5th number is all it takes for everything to fall into place. A small change in clarity can lead to a big difference in results.

A large part of sales success comes from consistent activity. Clarity makes the activity required obvious. A lack of clarity can result in energy being dissipated. It’s a little like comparing a laser with a light bulb. The same energy can produce widely different results. Accidental sales people can increase the results from their efforts by taking a much more targeted approach – at least in winning the first sale with a customer. Then through cross-selling and up-selling you can develop the account with less competition.

Some people think they have clarity but if your prospects are not clear what your business proposition is and why it is important to them, you may have a few more steps to go.

The key questions to answer are:
• Who is my target audience?
• Where is their pain?
• How do we take the pain away?
• Why should our target audience buy from us?
• Where is our maximum credibility?
• How will our target audience find out about us?

Where there are multiple target audiences you need to address each separately. As a ‘rule of thumb’, if you do not understand their pain then you probably need to niche it down further until you can better understand your prospective clients.

A company that deals with small and medium sized enterprises or Medium to Large sized organisations could have several categories of prospect with different dynamics. Your efforts will be diluted if you try and focus on too many at once

Take a half a day out of the office to work on the answers to the above questions. You have probably got it right if you can articulate your business proposition in 15 words or less. A good test is whether someone with no knowledge of your business can understand it.