I recently went to see ‘Jersey Boys’ at the theatre in London. I was a big fan of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons in the early 1970’s when I was a young lad. It was wonderful to see the story of how their success began.

In common with many small businesses there was a long period when the band was struggling to get heard. They changed their name and identity almost weekly. They were busy being poor imitations of well known bands. Poor in quality and in financial terms too. It was only when they found their own sound and voice that things really started to take off for them.

It takes a lot of courage to stand out from the crowd. To speak your own mind rather than repeating what other people say. There will always be those that criticise you for being different and others who disagree with your point of view. Yet in my experience that is the key to finding your business audience. Better to have a smaller but very loyal group of customers that are the cornerstone of a profitable business than to be a poor imitation struggling to get heard in a sea of noise.