There are 6 questions that I use to turnaround the sales fortunes of my clients.

Over the next 6 days I am going to share these questions with you to help you with lead generation. Follow each blog and I will help you to understand how to approach answering the questions.

Day 1: Who is your target audience?
Day 2: Where is their pain?
Day 3: How do you take their pain away?
Day 4: Why you? (and not your competitors).
Day 5: Where is your credibility?
Day 6: How will they find you?

Get these questions right and suddenly the way forward with lead generation becomes crystal clear.

If you can answer the questions easily then either you are not looking in enough detail or you have been on my Lead Generation Masterclass!!
Who is your target audience?

When I work with people struggling with sales the first thing I always ask is ‘Who is your target audience?’ They say things like ‘Anyone who needs a…….’ or ‘Anyone who can afford me…’ or the biggie ‘SMEs’

In order to generate interest you need to be appealing to people’s problems and different people have different problems. An SME is not a person – it’s a category of company. We need to break your target audience into groups of people. Give them funny names and they will come alive. The more we can identify differences the easier it gets to find a profitable niche where you have a lot of credibility.

Once you have split them into groups then a good test is to list your current clients in each group. If you are not sure which group clients should go into then you need to do some more work on your archetypes.