Where is their pain?

Yesterday we covered, who your target audience is. We separated your target audience into categories. Today we are going to focus on their pain. If we can establish their pain it will make it easier for you to sell to them.

People generally buy to solve problems and unless they can FEEL some kind of emotion to deal with their problem, then selling will be hard work. Imagine you were them in their situation.
Now you made a list of archetypes you want to focus on. Each one should have a different pain or the same pain but to a greater or lesser degree. Ask these questions when you go through your list.

What is keeping you up at night?
What are your primary frustrations?
What do you fear?

Point to add is that Motivation drives all behaviour including buying behaviour. There are only 2 motivational forces – pain and pleasure. Generally people will pay more to remove a pain than to gain pleasure. Sometimes people buy pleasure items because it is actually dealing with an underlying pain. For example, a day at a spa can be considered pleasure but the reason so many people flock to spas these days is as a break from their day-to-day stresses (pain).

The saying I love is, ‘No Pain, No Gain’ – If your target audience does not FEEL the pain then there is no gain. It is often hard work educating a market that SHOULD feel a pain. It’s much better and more satisfying to find a group of people who already feel pain and then provide them with a cure

Be clear that if you cannot find a pain it’s either because there is not one or that you have not got your target audience defined well enough – go back to day 1 and redo.

Tomorrow we will cover, How do you take their pain away.