So far we have covered, who your target audience is? Where their pain is and today we are going to cover, how do you take their pain away?
So, how do you take their pain away?

How specifically do your products or services solve the archetypes’ problems?

What packages or deals could you create specifically for a particular archetype?

For example,

David came along to the Lead Generation Masterclass. He runs a design business that focuses on branding. In analysing his target audience he identified a key archetype called ‘The Professionals’. These are people who run a service based business and take it seriously. He called them the ‘Professionals’ because they like to do things properly and do not need to be convinced of the need to project a good image’. They had already made a good start but it was still not working for them. The Pain is that they want to create a scalable business but are struggling (pain) to stand out from the crowd. They had tried regular graphic designers but all they had got was ‘pretty pictures’ and not a brand that communicated a strong message visually.

The way David’s business takes the pain away is that he helps his clients stand out from the crowd and project a professional image. He does that via a range of services aimed at co-creating an image and then applying that image creatively to client touch points such as website, marketing materials, proposal documents etc.

Packaging services helps prospects to understand what they are getting for their money and how much it will cost. David went on to create a number of service products and gave each of them names. For example, the basic package was just creating a brand image. Then there were others, each including more and more things like stationary, business cards and a website for a specific amount. The package is not the answer to the question but it is a natural conclusion gained from answering the question.

Tomorrow we will be thinking about Why you? (and not your competitors).