Where is your credibility?

How can you prove that you are able to take away their pain?

The best proof is having previous experience AND for them to be able to talk to existing customers.

Ask some of your customers to write you a testimonial.

Ask them if they would mind if they can be used as a reference.

Always focus your first sale on an area of your maximum credibility. This will be a competitive advantage (i.e. the why you) I personally would seek to win customers in an area I have maximum credibility and then cross sell/upsell the product/service with lower credibility.

If you do not have any credibility then you either need to create some, borrow some, buy some or focus on a different area.

Create some

Start off with existing clients or friends of friends. Offer a cut price or free in return for a testimonial or case study. That is worth more to you than the price.

Borrow some

Ideal if you work in a franchise or associated with people who do have credibility. You need to be careful here that you can deliver, get the associate to deliver and shadow them.

Buy some

Can buy a franchise, license a brand with credibility.
There are many ways to start shining and increase your credibility. It is how you promote yourself and how you make visual what you do. For example, my virtual assistant was recently recommended by some people who find her services very helpful and as someone who responds very quickly, she recently received these messages in her Twitter account.

@directassist @CharlieTheCoach recommended I speak to you as I’m looking for a VA to help me.@directassist you are most welcome. Happy to recommend you after testimonials from people I trust like Richard White and Marieme Jamme :)

Romany also has a message that if someone follows her, she asks the question, “I would love to know why you decided to follow me?” and Linnet responded with this message:

Linnet Woods: I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember whose glowing recommendation of you caught my attention! Interested in all!

The secret is to get people talking about you, word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising.

Tomorrow is our last day of this series, I hope you have enjoyed it so far. Tomorrow we will cover, how will your customers find you?