Whether it is a customer, prospect, or people you meet at networking meetings you want to be remembered favourably and to make a personal impact. But how do you do that? Is it not something that some people have and others lack? That was the theme of a recent free tele-seminar from The Accidental Salesman®

According to our tele-seminar expert, Michael McNulty of The Performance Business, creating personal impact is a skill that can be learned and is not just valuable in sales but in all areas of one’s life. It is about being comfortable with who you are and engaging with other people and accepting them for who they are too.

But how do you do you develop personal impact? Michael covered 5 main areas, each important in its own right and worthy of working on.

Developing Motivation
This is about being clear about your own personal values and motivations. What is really important to you? If you were to come up with 5 experiences that really define who you are, what would they be? The more motivated you are, the more people will enjoy being around you.

Being in Control
This is about taking control of your presence and recognising that things like breathing and posture make a big difference to the impact you make on others around you and things like your voice and personal presence. Breathe from the abdomen and you will begin to feel centred. You will begin to feel a greater sense of personal power and energy. Your posture will help your breathing but will also create impact too. Michael recommends paying attention to how you breathe and how you hold yourself when in public. Taking charge of these elements will make a big difference.

Taking Risks
A key element of personal impact is being prepared to take risks and share more about yourself when engaging with others. The way this is best done is through sharing stories and personal anecdotes. You do not need to be a master storyteller or raconteur but do practice using more colourful language and painting word pictures in people’s minds. People love drama and looking for the drama in your everyday experiences will add a little spice to your stories. ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Adaptation’ are good movies to watch to learn about stories (they are also great movies too!).

Inspiring Action
Be clear about what action you want to inspire others to take. Visualise them taking the action in advance of engaging with them and you increase the chances of it happening. The visualisation will have a deep impact on your unconscious body language and in itself impact your posture and breathing.

Valuing People
Take a real interest in people and their own stories. Listen and pay attention to them and they will do likewise. Unless you value the people you interact with then they are unlikely to value you in return?

These are just some of the insights that Michael shared with us. Watch out for the edited recording when it appears in Premium Content soon. You can get more information about personal impact training from www.theperformance.biz

Best wishes

Richard White
The Accidental Salesman®