Smaller businesses often struggle to differentiate themselves from their competitors, especially those in the business of providing consulting services. When I am helping clients to find a point of difference, the one method I find most fruitful is to examine the story of their journey as to how they came to be in business in the first place.

When you look at your journey you often start to see patterns and key events which led you to where you are now. These experiences are like buried treasure waiting to be unearthed. They can set you apart from your competitors. For example, the other day I was speaking to someone who was struggling to get prospects to part with much money for her services. She was getting some work but it was all at bargain basement rates.

When looking at her journey it was clear that she had worked in Customer Services in the past and had a passion for it. She was ignoring this audience because she had never had much success with it but in my view it was because she had never told her prospects about her journey and why she was more suitably qualified for her specialist area than many of her competitors. She had buried her treasure!

Do you have any treasure buried? It’s never go late to unearth your treasure and reclaim it.