When I meet new people and get to know a little bit more about their background and their experiences I am always amazed by who they know and the shared connections we have. Many people that are currently working in micro businesses have previously worked in very large companies at a very senior level.

If you only see networking as a way of bumping into future customers and you want to work with bigger organisations then networking with very small businesses is obviously not attractive. However, as long as the people you are meeting and getting to know have the ability to make introductions and referrals to their network then suddenly it becomes a lot more attractive!

Networking becomes so much easier when you go looking for potential introducers rather than just customers. I always say that a good introducer is worth 10 customers and yet my best introducers would not not make great clients for me.

I do aim to focus my networking time with people who are both well connected and like-minded, but I do not judge the size of their business. I know people that are independent professionals and yet work and have trusted relationships with clients that many businesses would kill to have on their customer list!