There are many things in the world of sales that are not only simple and easy to do but also enable you to be much more effective with your selling time. One of these things is how we respond to email enquiries.

The other day I got an email asking for the price of one of my sales training courses. I picked up the phone and spoke to the person. I asked him a couple of questions to find out what he had in mind. I then explained that the price would depend on a number of options and suggested we meet to identify his specific needs. He agreed and a meeting was booked. How easy was that? No selling – just a simple conversation.

It is so tempting to just dash off an email in reply. That’s also easy but, in my experience, not very effective. The best you can hope for is that all your competitors do the same. Picking up the telephone and making personal contact will give you the edge – even if you end up emailing over the prices after the phone call. The plain and simple truth is that people have to buy you before they will ever buy your services.

So what if the person making the enquiry does not leave a telephone number? I look through the email for a website including looking at the tail end of the person’s email address. I would then go to the website to find the telephone number. As a last resort, I would reply to the email asking for a contact number to call.

If you are in business selling a low value item over the internet then you may not bother. I do know that most of my readers are selling professional services and each new customer tends to be very valuable on an ongoing basis. Is that not worth a simple phone call?