One area of lead generation where many accidental sales people struggle is the elevator pitch. In this article I am going to give you 3 styles of elevator pitch with examples along with an explanation of how they work.

The idea of an elevator pitch is that you should be able to pitch your business in 15 seconds or less so that if you are ever asked the question “what do you do?” you can give a clear and succinct answer which will arouse the interest of the other person and get them wanting to know more.
The Clever Trevor

This style of elevator pitch involves saying something cute about your business that forces the other person to ask you what you mean.

For example, I recently attended a networking meeting and when I asked a particular lady “what do you do?” her reply was

“I am a profit plumber”.

When I asked her what that meant, she replied

“I help my clients increase profit by fixing the spending leaks in their business”

Personally, I hate this style of elevator pitch as it comes across as a bit cute and very annoying if done badly. However, if you have the personality to pull it off and your message is clear then it is an option – just don’t try it in a real elevator!
The know-how

This one is a much better and has quite a following. The pitch is delivered in two parts:

“You know how…………….?”

Wait for person to nod or say yes

“Well I …………………..”

The first part should get the person to recognise the problem and the second part is how you solve the problem.

For example,

“You know how business owners are sometimes too busy with their business to shop around and find the cheapest deal?”

“Well I offer a service that does the shopping around for them”

It can slot into a conversation nicely as long as it does not sound too contrived and salesy. Thats the problem – people who use this technique seem unable to resist making it sound salesy and it just negates the impact of the pitch.
The Ronseal

My favourite style of elevator pitch, and the one I use when working with clients, I call The Ronseal because your elevator pitch says what you do clearly and concisely in a way that sounds part of a normal conversation rather than a sales pitch. In it you communicate what you do, who you do it for, and the results they get.

For example:

“I am a cost reduction consultant and I specialise in helping busy entrepreneurs to save money on the kind of expenses that are often overlooked”

This does not sound very salesy and that is the point. The important thing is that it works!
Working on your elevator pitch

If your elevator pitch is currently longer than 10 seconds (15 seconds max) and sounds like a sales pitch or is not getting you enough leads then I recommend you take my free elevator pitch min-course which contains elevator pitch examples and templates along with 2 styles of 60 second pitch and exercises so that you can work on your own pitch.