I recently attended and excellent Super Conference for coaches, trainers, and consultants. I was particularly interested in product creation and list building and was not disappointed. A lot of people there were struggling to get their businesses to work and as I got chatting to some of them I could not help myself from asking questions to help them gain clarity about their niche.

Anyway, there were three occasions over the weekend where, over a cup of coffee and a chat I was able to help people find their niche. It did not require any SWOT chart or PERT analysis. I simply shone a torch on what they were passionate about, related it to their credibility, and then showed them where the money was. It is not very difficult. You just need fresh eyes and to know where to look.

The problem is that we get too close to our stuff and our treasure ends up getting buried. It often takes someone else to spot the value of what, to us, is just normal.

If you are struggling to generate enough sales leads for your business, why not take a step back and look for some of that buried treasure. Pretend you know nothing about your life and your business and look at your story and experiences through fresh eyes. You may be amazed at what you find!