If you are doing a lot of activity and yet still struggling to generate enough sales leads then you might want to look at the sales messages in your marketing. It’s the sales messages which cause people to take action and express an interest or make an enquiry.

In marketing most things start with a P. In sales messaging they start with an M!. There are 4 Ms and they need to be done is this precise order.

The market
We need to take the focus off our services and onto a specific need in the market place.

The key question is: Who are my target audience?

Even if you have resisted niching your business you should be highly targeted in your campaign. At the very least have in mind a certain type of person with a specific problem.

I call the profiling technique I use with clients ‘Customer Archetypes’. It involves going through your existing client success stories and grouping them by primary buying motivation. It’s fast and very enlightening from a sales messaging point of view.

The motivation
The most effective sales messages, in my experience, are where you focus directly on the person’s buying motivation.

Once you have a clear understanding of your target audience then it becomes easier to get a deeper understanding of their buying motivation. We want to know what will motivate them to express an interest or make an enquiry.

There are two motivational drivers: Pain and Pleasure. These cause people to act. This is not intellectual theory. I am talking raw physical emotion that each of us has in relation to specific issues in our lives.

So called ‘born’ sales people are naturally good at understanding the emotional drivers. They do it without even thinking. The reason I get fast results with clients is that I help them home-in on the emotional drivers and build them into their sales messages

The medium
This is the marketing channel which will carry your sales messages. Networking is just one medium. Others include tele-marketing, direct mail, print advertising, speaking, social media etc etc

The medium used will impact the way sales messages are expressed.

The message
Finally, when you have done all the above then its time to start working on your sales messages.

The bulk of the work in crafting sales messages should go on understanding the market and the motivation. Once you have done that and have selected the right media then the messages become so much easier to create.

As you can see, there is more to crafting compelling sales messages than just being good with words. It’s knowing the righ words and the 4 Ms help you do that.