Consider the following statements:

“I am interested but I cannot afford it”

“I am interested and I cannot afford it”

“I am interested even though I cannot afford it”

There is only a subtle difference in the words and a big difference in the impact they have on our thinking.

The word ‘but’ emphasises the message after the ‘but’ at the expense of the earlier part of the sentence. The word ‘and’ gives the same priority to both sides of the sentence. The phrase ‘even though’ emphasises the first part of the sentence and minimises the second part. These are not just words. They are how your prospect is thinking. The first sentence says that the ‘I can’t afford’ it is an obstacle in their mind. The last sentence tells you that it is just a challenge to be overcome.

In sales conversations you can make a dramatic difference by just helping the person get over the ‘but’ and move to an ‘even though’ and open up all sorts of possibilities.

You can do this softly through a question that simply combines a phrase like ‘What would it take’ or what would need to happen?’ and ‘even though’ For example:

What would it take to be able to go ahead today even though you can’t afford it?

What would need to happen for you to be able to attend even though you are incredibly busy?

Give it a go and tell me what happens.