Self motivation is essential in order to consistently do the level of activity required to generate business. Here are some tips on keeping yourself motivated.

  • Set challenging and compelling goals!
    Set short term and medium term goals on the way to a longer term goal
  • Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want
  • Be clear why your goal is important to you. For example, keeping fit may not be important to you in its own right but staying healthy for your family might be!
  • Set SMART goals:
    S pecific
    M easurable
    A chievable
    R ealistic
    T ime bound
  • Be clear of the obstacles that may stand in your way and how you will overcome them.
  • Make sure your goals are written down and positively stated
  • Make sure the goal is within your control
  • Make sure you want the goal for your own reasons, not someone else’s
  • Make sure you will be happy with the consequences of having achieved your goal
  • Make your goals are absolutely clear i.e. stated in all 5 senses. So clear you can picture vividly in your mind having already achieved your goal
  • Visualise frequently what it will be like when you have achieved your goal, especially when in a dreamy state such as with soft music or just as you wake up
  • Make your visualisation like a virtual reality movie as if you are really there. Make it as vivid as possible.
  • Use visualisation for increasing confidence and expertise with specific tasks. Visualise things how you want them to be.