When you are new to sales it can seem quite daunting sometimes. As you find your way through the maze it seems as if you are doing everything wrong. For example, you go into meetings and realize afterwards you forgot to ask an important question or you did far too much talking.

Next time instead of beating yourself up, try giving yourself some positive feedback. Its an approach I learned many years ago and use to this day.

Before you do the activity, decide on what you want the outcome to be. Then after completing the activity take a few moments to reflect and review the outcome. Ask yourself:

‘What did I do really well?’
‘What else did I do really well?’

Keep asking the second question until you run out of answers. If you are struggling to find anything you did well then simply congratulate yourself for having the courage to do the activity at all.

Then ask yourself ‘What will I do differently next time?’

This time only focus on one main thing you will do differently.

If you focus on what you did right and recognize you will do better next time then it becomes very affirming. After all, selling is a set of skills that need to be developed over time. If we keep on beating ourselves up each time we make a mistake in sales we would all be permanently black and blue! Yet if we keep on keeping on we will get better and better and pretty soon we will have mastered it.