Over the many years I have been helping the owners of small businesses to turn their sales fortunes around, it never ceases to amaze me how many already knew, deep down, what the answer was.

They are too busy following their head to listen to their gut. When I come along and tell them what they already know deep down, they have the confidence to act. I recognise this behaviour because I have been there many times before I learnt to trust my gut instincts.

I guess my message today is a reminder for all of us to start to pay attention to our gut – or what others call ‘intuition’. If we set our sights on a clear goal then our gut instincts serve to guide us towards that goal.

Paying attention is important and even more important is to take action on our instincts. We will more often than not surprise ourselves at the quality of our own insight and the difference it has made. It’s also a lot cheaper!!