Are you making the most of your contacts? Do people you know help you win more business and make selling easier for you?

We all have more than enough contacts to generate enough business. The trick is to work out how best to leverage your contacts to help you win more business. Easier said than done!

I wrote my book ‘The Accidental Salesman Networking Survival Guide’ after several years of helping hundreds of people quickly generate more quality sales leads from networking. I wanted to make available the exercises I do with clients to as many people as possible. I have previously written lots of articles and blogs but I wanted to take people through the complete process so that it feels like we are going through the process together.

Getting results from networking is not about selling. It’s about understanding how you add value to the marketplace and being able to communicate this in words that appeal to people you speak to on a daily basis.

My approach involves clients answering 6 questions which, in the book, I use the pneumonic APPEAL:

Audience – Who are your target audience?
I take the reader through an exercise I call Customer Archetypes that helps them clarify their ideal clients and their buying motivation

Pain – What unresolved pain is your target audience experiencing?

In this chapter we do exercises to understand the emotions driving the buying motivation of their target audience.

Proposition – How do you take the pain away?

In this chapter I provide a template which enables the reader to articulate their value proposition in 15 words or less.

Example – Where is your credibility?

In this chapter readers learn how to use their success stories to boost their credibility and give examples which illustrate the readers proposition statement (aka elevator pitch)

Advantage – Why you (and nobody else)?

The reader learns how to articulate how they are different from their competitors and why their ideal clients should buy from them and nobody else.

Links – How will your ideal audience find out about you?

The previous chapters are all about creating the message. This chapter is about spreading the message through your contacts. The reader learns how to utilise Linkedin and Facebook to reconnect with contacts and how to ask them for help in getting the word out.

The book also includes chapters on how to make the most of any opportunities you get from networking by looking at the stages of a sales process. Finally we look at how to fit networking into a busy schedule.

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If you like my blogs and articles you will love this book. Check it out for yourself by downloading the first 3 chapters for free here.

It took a while to write but I am very proud of it and I hope you agree it was worth the wait!