Crafting a compelling sales message is an area that many accidental sales people would love to perfect. Imagine just opening your mouth and out comes a whole stream of words that captivate your audience. Within minutes your prospect has their cheque book quivering in one hand, pen clutched in the other and is begging you to become a customer!

Last night, in another free online sales training for the Accidental Salesman Club, Dexter Moscow taught us how to make our sales messages more compelling and memorable. Dexter has been a top presenter for QVC shopping channel for the last 11 years and is so good that QVC pay him train other presenters and guests. QVC’s sales in the UK run into hundreds of millions of pounds and the broadcasts are live. Dexter’s company, Audience Dynamics, also train businesses to create powerful sales messages and to present with confidence.

According to Dexter, the biggest mistake people make when talking about their products and services is that they focus too much on what is being offered without first connecting emotionally with the audience and tapping into the emotional reasons for buying. To do this you need to really understand your audience and speak to them in their language and in emotive terms.

For example, if you were selling an advanced camera you might be tempted to talk about all the bells and whistles when what really matters to the buyer is how they will feel when sharing their special moments with their loved ones and the memories of that wonderful day come flooding back.

It is essential for presenters on QVC to quickly make a connection with the viewers. Dexter says that a presenter has only 30 seconds to engage with the audience and then once they have engaged they have another 3-4 minutes to capture the audience’s attention. Otherwise a viewer will literally switch off! It’s exactly the same when making a sales presentation.

Dexter thinks the secret to QVC is the soft sell approach and ensuring that the presenters are authentic. They do not use the hyped up style that other shopping channels use. Being authentic builds trust and you need that to be prepared to part with cash with someone you have just watched on a shopping channel. This is relevant when selling in any context, not just on TV. Being authentic is not enough for your prospects to want to buy from you but it is a good start!

Dexter shared his model for making your presentations more engaging, a model that he teaches on his public seminars. The model is a mnemonic that spells PERFECT

P – Personal Impact
E – Emotional connection
R – Right to talk (eg Experience)
F – Facts
E – Encapsulate (eg sound bites and key sales messages)
C – Credibility (eg Results achieved)
T – The company

According to Dexter people are only able process a limited amount of information at one time and so you need make it easy for them by using simple and yet powerful phrases that encapsulate the emotive aspects of your key sales message. It’s the phrase that pays!

Dexter went on to explain how to adapt a sales message to different types of media. For example, if the medium is very visual, like TV or a video on a website then the non-verbal cues aspects are critical in adding impact to the message. If you are using audio or the written word, you need to compensate for the lack of visuals by using your words to paint pictures in your audience’s minds.

This is typical of the quality of information that is presented in our totally free online sales training sessions. We have a long list of top presenters lined up for you presenting all aspects of sales, from techniques to inter-personal skills to overcoming fears and boosting confidence.

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