Lately I have been seeing a lot of people struggling to get their potential clients to take the step from being interested to parting with cash. They are hearing all the right noises but wallets are remaining firmly closed.

It’s understandable when you consider the current flat economy and general uncertainty combined with the continual doom and gloom pumped out by the media. So how do you get people to loosen those purse strings enough to start spending money with you?

One way forward is creating a new product or service that involves a cost but the cost is small and gives the prospect some quick wins to solving their problem. Using the analogy of a meal, you are selling the entree to whet the appetite and build the hunger for more. You then upsell the main course which is your main proposition followed by the desert which is the sweetest sale of all! (sorry about the pun!)

Too many people are struggling at the moment because they are trying to sell the main course or giving entrees for free when the client would be happy to pay for them. And when a client starts to spend they are more likely to spend again with you. The trick is to give some quick wins towards solving the problem to make it a ‘no brainer’ spend. Enough to whet the appetite rather than satisfy their hunger.

So for example, one of my entrée products is my Business Development Breakthrough where I spend half a day with clients to get them to a position where they can start generating more sales leads immediately. It’s priced to be affordable for my ideal clients and the guarantee makes it a no-brainer. For some it’s all they need and for others they go onto buy one of the items on the main course menu.

Do you currently have an entrée product? If not then consider what a good entrée product might be for your business. Remember, it’s a small first purchase that gets some quick wins and gives your clients the confidence to move from ‘maybe one day’ to ‘definitely today!’