Have you ever had a sales opportunity that you were convinced was a certainty and then the prospect disappears off the planet? You know, when they are too ‘nice’ to tell you NO? The technical term is ‘Vanishing Prospect Syndrome’ or VPS for short!

I am sure we have all suffered VPS before. The symptoms are common. Periods of mild depression at not hearing anything from the prospect. This then switches to euphoria when we call the prospect and they tell us what we want to hear combined with hallucinations of spending the money we will earn from the project. Unfortunately this high is short lived and next time the depression gets even worse!

Prevention of VPS is always better than cure. The easiest way to prevent it is to focus on finding real buying motivation early on in the sales cycle. Unless we can find some strong buying motivation then we can be sure a sale is unlikely. Possible…..but unlikely. When we can find that buying motivation then we know it is worth investing time in winning the sale. Without that buying motivation I have learnt that it is better to say “NO!” quickly and walk away.

Better to be spending our time finding prospects with the motivation to buy than suffering the dreaded VPS!