Email is an incredibly powerful business tool and it’s hard to remember how business used to function in the days before email took off. I don’t know about you, but I still get really excited each time I get an email enquiry.

How you respond to email enquiries, however, could make the difference between winning a new client and putting more money into your bank than normal and….err….not!

The normal way to react to an email enquiry is to send an email back. In these days of iPhones and iPads you can do it in seconds. What a waste!

You have put in a lot of marketing effort into generating that enquiry and simply replying by email is the equivalent of running a marathon and then giving up just 100 metres before the finishing line!

Your minimum sales objective with an email enquiry should be to turn it into a telephone conversation, especially if it is a price enquiry. And when you do get to speak to the person making the enquiry you want to not only engage them in conversation, you want to get them talking about why they made the enquiry. This will give you important information about how best to proceed with the sale and you will hopefully have developed some rapport too.

Often, by taking this approach, you find that a small enquiry that previously you might not have even bothered about actually turns into a much bigger sale.

I had one lady who learnt this approach on one of my master classes and decided to immediately put it into practice as soon as she got back to her office – I like people like that! Anyway, she had 3 price enquiries in her inbox for around £100 each. One of them she had to email back asking them what the best phone number would be and a good time to call. That afternoon she converted all three enquiries into a sale and for a minimum order size of £1,000! She was overjoyed to say the least although sickened when she realised how much cash she had let slip through her fingers by being lazy.

Why not make a commitment to give it a go and see the difference it makes?