Imagine you were going to a party and you were not particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of going. You may be saying to yourself things like:
‘I really don’t want to go. I won’t know anyone there? I am not going to enjoy it. I would rather be doing something else…..’

Do you think you are likely to get in the party spirit and have a good time, with all that going on in your mind?

How about if you were thinking to yourself:

‘I love parties and I really feel like letting my hair down tonight. I am looking forward to making lots of new friends. I am so going to enjoy myself tonight …’

Do you think you stand a better chance of having a great time?

According to success experts, we all talk to ourselves all the time. Most of the time we are not even aware we are doing it. Its know as self talk and it is actually a big deal in selling.

We need to get good at catching ourselves engaging in un-resourceful self talk and replacing it with something more empowering.

For example, rather than continually thinking to yourself ‘I HATE selling..’ perhaps you could replace it with ‘I love it when a client decides to work with me. I am learning how to get better and better at winning business. Every day I am feeling more comfortable with sales……’

At the very least you will drown out all the negative stuff that could impact your performance. Who knows, you might start seeing more success and start to believe it is actually true!!

It really worked for me and I am sure if you start exploring self talk you will find you can start to feel a whole lot better about the prospect of sales or indeed anything about your life. A really great book read 15 years ago and is still just as good is:
‘What to say when you talk to yourself’ by Shad Helmstetter

Work on your self talk and it and you will really notice the difference!