It is said that a wise person builds their house upon the rocks rather than sand. Putting this ancient wisdom into action with sales teams regularly helps sales managers of average sales teams increase results by up to 30% within 6 months without the need for ANY additional training in technique.

There is a nice little experiment you can do with a pile of yellow sand, some grey pebbles, some black rocks and a beer glass. You ask the group “Can I fit ALL these into that TINY glass?” The response is normally that it would be totally impossible to get all that mass into the tiny little glass. And to prove them right you scoop up the sand and put it into the glass followed by the pebbles. You should just about manage to get a couple of rocks in there but there is still a pile left on the table.
But if you put the rocks in first you can fit the pebbles around the rocks and then you can fit the sand around the pebbles and the whole lot fits snugly inside the glass.
What has this got to do with sales?!!! Good question!

So many sales people and business developers are very active but are not getting the results they would like. The pressure to get short term results focuses their attention on the quick and easy wins (sand) and it produces a certain level of results but never sets the world alight. Alternatively they go after the big fish (rocks) that take a lot of time to land and have long periods where there is not enough sales coming in to cover their costs. Their boss or bank manager gives them a hard time!

What the beer glass experiment tells us is that with a little planning we can fit the activity to develop medium sized accounts (pebbles) around the rocks and the small accounts around the rocks and pebbles and get a balance that will give us both short term results and longer term stability and growth.
More and more sales teams across the country are now considering their sales prospects and accounts as either Rocks, Pebbles, or Sand. They are developing different strategies for each.

Whilst a wise person might build their house on the rocks, a wise sales person builds their business on a mixture of rocks, pebbles, and sand. The challenge is to be able to recognise each one and to adopt a slightly different approach to each in order to fit them all together snugly into our short working week.