….You need a micro niche. Because of the impact of the internet and social media, niches are not what they used to be! At a click of a mouse you can easily find 10 or more businesses just as good as you seemingly doing the same thing. Tell me about it!!!

One of the most important business books I have read in the last few years is ‘Become a Key Person of Influence‘ by Daniel Priestley. It has made a significant difference on my thinking about both market positioning and the use of social media. The thing I liked most about it was the sheer simplicity of it and the nice way Daniel gets his message across.

The key learning for me is that having a niche is not good enough in today’s online world. You need a micro niche with your name on it.

In the book Daniel gives loads of examples of how ordinary people have followed their passions and created a massive following on Facebook or Youtube in weird and wonderful areas. They have then gone on to turn that passion into an income.

Daniel stresses how the best opportunities and the richest rewards flow to the Key People of Influence and it is futile trying to be bigger or better versions of the key leaders. The better way is to create your own micro niche and dominate that. In the book he gives 5 simple steps to achieve that. Daniel reckons that the process of becoming a global Key Person of Influence can be done within 12 months following his plan owing to what is now possible through social media.

Recently, by coincidence, I had a wonderful conversation with a key person of influence in the world of sales. Fellow Ecademy BlackStar Jim Ziegler is a big name in the world of US car dealerships. Everything Daniel talked about Jim had done and managed to become the ‘go to guy’ for sales training for new car dealerships. He charges $10,000+ per keynote speech and his sales DVDs sell at $1,500 each.

Jim and I were talking about some of my personal ’sales heros’ like Brian Tracy and Tony Allesandra and they are personal friends of Jim. I doubt if that would have happened if he was just another sales trainer competing for attention. As a specialist you stand out from the crowd. As the ‘owner’ of a micro niche there is no crowd!

I am really excited about micro niches, not only for me and my business but also for my accidental salesman clients too. Daniels book is going to be recommended reading. I have signed up to his Key Person of Influence mentoring program which begins this week. Already you will see subtle changes on the Home page and the About page of this site, all influenced by Daniels’s work.

Best wishes for your health wealth and happiness in 2011