If you go to any car boot sale you will find an endless river of tables with what appears to be identical things for sale. There will be a pile of well thumbed books, a number of glasses that came free with 4 gallons of petrol and a collection of assorted tea cups, some of which have saucers! The visitors, seemingly desperate to add to their well thumbed book collection and stock up on their free glass collection, haggle over pennies as they go from table to table.

Why should they buy from you when they can buy virtually the same thing from every other table?

If you look closely at each table, however, there are one or two items which are unique and special.

Many smaller businesses are like that. They just try and sell the same as everyone else and wonder why they do not get a lot of interest for their efforts. They find that when they do get some interest, everyone quibbles over the price.

Why should they do business with you where there are plenty of people doing exactly the same which are just as nice and just as professional but lower priced? What makes your business so special?

Although your whole business may not be different, there is normally one or two things you either do, or could do, that are different, a bit special, and especially valuable to your target audience.

With any customer, the first sale always takes more effort than subsequent sales and having lots of competition just adds to the difficulty. Better to make the first sale different and with few apparent competitors. Then, once you have won the business and established the relationship, cross-sell and up-sell all the other products. I have personally built accounts worth hundreds of thousands of pounds with virtually no competition in a very competitive market by using this approach.

The more you understand your target audience and their pain, the easier it becomes to find a product or service that will be highly attractive to them and work well as a primary sale. As far as your target audience are concerned, this is your area of specialisation and what you become known for.

If you were to lay out all you products and services before you, Which would be the ‘me too’ products and services that everyone else seems to do? and which would be the true gems that your target audience need to know more about?