My wife bought me an iPod for my birthday a few years ago. She purchased it with the expectation that I would use it to listen to my music collection, I quickly discovered, however, a totally different use for it. Whilst scanning iTunes for music I stumbled across an audio book on sales and motivation by Zig Ziglar I then went onto discover where you can buy a whole range of normal books which have been released as an audio book.

I quickly signed up and since then I have been getting two books a month and have listened to many books on sales and marketing, people skills, communication and a wide range of other areas too. I have built up quite an impressive library on my ipod. There are also lots of good audio podcasts on sales and marketing including a podcast on iTunes from the Accidental Salesman. Whilst I am used to listening to audio programmes in the car, I can now turn routine chore time into productive learning time. Yesterday when I was washing the car and walking the aisles at the supermarket I was also listening to an interesting book on sales positioning.

I still read normal books and not every book is available on audio. Even so, if I have to choose between several books , the one available in audio will normally take priority.

If you have an iPod or MP3 player and have not yet got into audio books, give it a try! You will not be disappointed!

There are lots of audio sales trainings available for free download on this site that will help boost your sales competence and confidence. There is now no excuse for not having time to ‘read’!