I was helping a client to make her pitch more powerful the other day and l was struggling to get her to stop talking about problems people do not realise they have. At times like this I use my ‘Spotty Face’ analogy.

Imagine you are a doctor and a lady comes to see you with a spotty face. She is a grown woman and is worried that the spots are not very attractive to say the least. The doctor asks lots of questions about the symptoms before making the diagnosis that she has a rare allergy. The lady makes a few changes and very quickly the spots disappear. She is overjoyed!

When we are talking about our services we often forget the reason why our previous clients came to see us in the first place. We risk losing the sale by talking about things our clients do not need to know until later or, indeed, at all! We forget that our prospects are coming to see us to do something about their spotty face!

When we are crafting our sales messages we need to remind ourselves to focus on the spotty face!