I always love this time of year. It’s a good time to forget the past, reset our goals, and focus on the year ahead. Whilst many of you may have set personal goals, I wonder how many of them are actually WOW! goals? Will they motivate you enough to do some of the things in sales which take you outside your comfort zone?

Focused and consistent sales activity is needed to make 2012 a great year despite all the economic challenges. There are important activities that need to be done and the right type of motivational goals will spur you on to just get on with it rather than giving into fear and doubts.

Ask yourself how exciting are your goals? When you think of them, do they make you go ‘WOW!’?’ When I go through business owner’s goals with them I normally see important goals on the list but they are typically too far off in the distant and without the kind of emotion needed to inspire immediate short-term action.

The answer is to add some WOW! Goals to your list to boost short-term activity. Reaching such goals will automatically move you closer to your longer-term goals and they add fun to the whole process.

By short term I mean less than a year and often goals that you would like to achieve in the next three months. They need to be realistic but at the same time they need to make you go WOW! Just by thinking of them. I first discovered the power of WOW! Goals when doing a goal setting workshop for a client. The group were doing the exercises and yet the room was lacking in the kind of buzz and excitement you would expect when people have highly motivational goals.

I asked one person what would be one thing that would be so motivational right now that it would make her go ‘WOW!’ She replied that she would like to take her family to Las Vegas and to take a particular roller coaster ride there. Just by talking about it her face was full of emotion and excitement. I could tell it was motivational for her and I am pleased to say she did get her roller coaster ride!

At the time though, she was a little confused about the type of motivational goals we were talking about. She could have afforded to go on the trip anyway, without reaching any targets – at a stretch. I managed to convince her to only allow herself to book the trip once she had reached her sales target, even if she could afford it. Setting emotionally charged short term goals and hitching them to the achievement of your important sales targets will power you through and help you to not only reach shorter term targets but also work towards achieving your longer term goals too.

So what would make you go WOW! just thinking about it? A nice new watch? Taking someone special to tea at the Ritz? Making a large donation to a cause close to your heart? It is most likely that the goal will not be business related but something to do with what is most important in your life such as family and friends. As long as the goal makes you go WOW! Then there are no rules. If the idea of organising a staff coach party to Margate does it for you then go for it!

Its normally better that your WOW! goals are smaller and achievable rather than something grandiose. If taking your kids out for a McDonalds meal is a luxury but would give you immense pleasure then that is all it takes. As long as you can commit to not allowing yourself the goal until you have reached your target then it does not matter how small it is.

The ideal plan is that you will have is a whole string of WOW! Goals stretching out across the year in sequence and tied into achieving specific sales targets. Targets can be more than just actual sales invoiced. If cold calling is a particular issue for you then why not set a WOW! Goal for when you win your first sale from a cold call?

If you want to increase your number of clients from 10 to 20 why not have a WOW! Goal to mark that achievement? Once you achieve your target then make sure you follow through with your goal. They will not work if deep down you know that you will not reward yourself. If money is an issue then make sure the reward is financed by the sales results and make each successive target a bigger WOW! Goal.

If you set your ambitious targets and hitch WOW! Goals to achievement along the way they 2012 will certainly be a WOW! year for you and your business.