Have you have seen the brilliant Marmite adverts on TV? The message is: ‘Marmite: You either love it or hate it!

Too many businesses are failing right now because they are trying to be all things to all people. Why not Marmite your business?

I can remember while I was at business school I attended an excellent presentation delivered by the marketing director of a number of major high street retail brands. She was telling us how they designed their different stores for different people so carefully that their target audience would feel totally at home when in the store designed for them. However, if they went to one of the other brands they would feel totally out of place and leave very quickly.

You need to ensure that your target audience feels at home when doing business with you and prepared to put other people off. The more you can do this the more successful you will be.

Avoid trying to be all things to all people. Instead find a specific group of people and tailor what you do to please them. Defining and understanding your target audience takes a little effort but is really worth it. Then make your products and services highly relevant to them without worrying what other’s think. As long as your target audience loves it then spread the Marmite thick!

By the way, I am a big Marmite fan and right now I am starting to feel a bit peckish!