This is networking tip #3 in my series of 5 counter intuitive networking tips. This tip totally transformed how I felt about networking and the results I get. It is definitely counter intuitive. You go networking to find new clients and yet I am advising you not to look for new clients! Why is that?

Firstly, people generally do not like being sold to and when we go networking looking for clients we give it away in our body language, our voice tone and the words we use. The quality of conversations and relationships are diminished when the other person senses there is a hidden agenda.

Secondly, when I ask most people at networking meetings who their ideal clients are, they are unlikely to ever go to such events.

My advice is to go seeking introducers – people who can potentially introduce you to your ideal clients. A good introducer is worth 10 customers and the funny thing is that when you stop looking for clients in the room you are more likely to find clients! People will be more willing to open up and talk about their needs when they are not being sold to – no matter how subtly. Weird or what?

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