This is the final networking tip in my series of 5 counter intuitive networking tips. You will be be pleased to know I have saved the most counter intuitive until last!

I can hear you thinking ‘But hang on Richard, the whole point of me networking is to talk about my products and services….have you lost your mind?’

Maybe I have lost my mind but this tip works and that is why I am sharing it with you! Most people we meet at networking meetings do not care a jot about us, let alone what we are selling until they get to know us.

So we need to stop talking about our products and services and start talking about our customers. Talk about the problems your best customers were having when you first started working with them. Talk about the results you achieved for them. If that impresses the people you meet then they may take an interest in what you are selling.

If you can put this information into a story and combine that with the other tips in this series then you will find that your networking becomes very productive indeed!

If you would like some help in crafting your stories or wish to discuss any of the tips in this series then please feel free to contact me.