Although cold calling may not be the most effective form of lead generation in terms of conversion rates, I would not rule out cold calling if you need to get some momentum in your business development. I have a client whom since biting the bullet and starting to make the calls has started getting loads more referrals. Weird eh?!!

He listened to the excellent free audios and videos on this site on cold calling by leading experts to learn some key strategies. We then worked out his approach and did some role playing and objection handling to help build his confidence.

Listening to the experts really got him to realise that his objective was to find people with the problems he can fix rather than try and push people into buying things they don’t really need. Once he had evidence that people with these problems were open to his solutions it took his motivation to a whole new level. It is as if the blinkers were removed from his eyes and now there is no stopping him! The enthusiasm has spilled over to his other forms of lead generation and the cash is beginning to flow.

I am sure he will take some of that cash and invest it in the excellent offline courses by the trainers on this site. However, the material was enough to help him make a breakthrough and start getting his business onto an even keel.

Job done!!