Would you do business with a total stranger? If someone came up to you in the middle of the street and started to promote their business to you, what would your reaction be? Well if it is like most people, they would be on their guard and no matter how compelling the offer was, they would be a bit suspicious.

The more the other person pushes an idea, the more we back away – even though the may the very thing we are looking for. When networking you need to remember it is all about people and that means to get success we need to go with human nature.

It is human nature to talk, relate, and make friends. It is also human nature to like people who are like us. When meeting people for the first time, especially if it is only very briefly, you need to be able to quickly find a connection between you and the other person. The ideal outcome is for both of you to think that it is worth meeting up after the event to get to know each other a bit more. When people are just blurting out their elevator pitch in ‘task mode’ then they are less likely to connect.

People do business with people they like and trust. A recent survey revealed that when pressed, most people buying professional services would put trusting ahead of liking, although they would prefer both. It is human nature to back away from pushy sales people and to be on your guard. You are less likely to develop a connection if, when networking, you jump straight into business and neglect to show the other person you are interested in them and what they do. You would be going against human nature. If the roles were reversed you would probably react in exactly the same way!