It seems to be a human thing to do. When food is a little thin on the ground, you start taking whatever pickings that can be found. We are designed for survival. It may be inconceivable in good times, but when push comes to shove, there are few who would not resort to rummaging around in dustbins if it meant the difference between life or death.

In business, our markets may have diminished but we should really resist the business equivalent of rummaging around in the dustbins. I have helped rescue a number of business owners recently who had gotten into trouble by going from a highly specialised business to very generalised. One particular business owner was missing a golden opportunity starring him in the face. He could not see it because his vision was not focused.

It’s a bit like wandering into a garden looking for insects. If you put your focus on the whole garden you may see one or two insects flying through the air. It’s only when you start lifting up stones you see the garden is teeming with insects. When they begin to disappear under one stone then just look for another stone to turn.

There is plenty of business about, it’s just not the same business and we do need to adapt. We do need to turn new stones. There is a lot of competition about and a little bit of intelligent and informed analysis will serve you well. We will do best by taking a step back and carefully focusing on finding the right stone in the right part of the garden.